Pizzas, Calzones & Strombolis

Here at the Original Graziano’s we have Pizza, Calzones, and Strombolis for any appetite.  Our pizzas range from our Individual Size to our 24” Party Pizza; waiting for you to customize them with any of our fresh, delicious toppings.  We offer meat toppings such as Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Bacon Bits, Meatballs,  and Anchovies.  We also have vegetarian toppings such as Bell Peppers, Sliced Tomatoes, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Garlic, Jalapenos, Pepperoncinis and Eggplant.  You can choose your choice or go with one of our delicious Specialty Pizzas.